Technology and automation guarantee maximum production flexibility.

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Thanks to the high technological level, the exceptional production capacity and the introduction of anthropomorphic robots at the service of the transfer machines, we are able to guarantee outstanding production flexibility.

We have also entered into cooperation agreements with numerous highly qualified independent partners who operate under our strict supervision and allow us to expand our production range even further. 


At present we are able to provide the following processing operations:

  • hot pressing of brass parts with an individual part weight varying from 15 g to 5000 g.;
  • cast parts in all the new brass and bronze alloys;
  • die castings of parts in zamak and aluminium;
  • machining on transfer equipment or CNC machining centres;
  • zinc plating on request;
  • small high-precision parts in copper, stainless steel and aluminium alloys produced with multi-spindle lathes and single-spindle lathes with numerical control systems;
  • sheet metal drawing and shearing;
  • injection moulding of plastic materials;
  • bending of brass, copper, steel and aluminium pipes;
  • mechanical assembly on automatic or semi-automatic machines;
  • assembly by welding;
  • air test on the finished product from 0.3 to 10 bars;
  • water test up to 25 bars;
  • packaging, customised labelling and logistics service.