Design of components for taps, plumbing fittings and fixtures for civil and industrial use.

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The collaboration and the design assistance guaranteed during the industrialisation phase allows us to develop products in compliance with features requested by the customer.

Thanks to extensive investments in state-of-the-art technologies, the expertise of its specialised personnel, the know-how and the interaction with highly reliable independent collaborators, we are able to provide optimal support to our partners throughout the product industrialisation process.

All our technical office work stations are equipped with Siemens Solidedge 3D design and modelling software, which allows us to simulate the various moulding, machining and dimensional control processes.

Thanks to these simulations we are able to carefully analyse all the significant aspects that can impact the successful outcome of the production processes.

Our technicians analyse the results and are able to correct any possible causes of malfunctioning of the processes before moving on to the production phase; this fundamental phase allows us to achieve an optimal result with a consequent decrease in time and costs, and all to the benefit of our customers.

We carry out the design of all the equipment necessary for the work in-house, adapting it to the best available production equipment to achieve the best possible cycle time without compromising product quality.