Quality is the core strength of REI TREGI.

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We have our own in-house "Quality Control Office" with highly qualified personnel and equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and measurement equipment suitable for all types of controls and tests. The team works in close collaboration with the Production Manager and the Technical Office which allows prompt and precise exchange of all the information necessary to achieve excellent quality standards. 

The production of every part, whether simple or complex, is always accompanied by systematic control of its characteristics. This is accomplished with the verification of technical compliance using trail blazing control and measurement systems.

All the in-house and independent production phases are supervised by REI TREGI personnel with inspections carried out directly at the production facilities and self-monitoring criteria during production. 

Before being fed to the production cycle, all semi-finished products undergo very strict quality controls. 

In order to guarantee maximum quality to its customers and effective monitoring of the production process and the finished product, the company always commences from a number of key fundamental points:

  • definition of the product requirements requested by the customer with drawings, technical specifications, expected requisites and technical specifications established by standards or regulations;
  • development, during the industrialisation phase, of the control plans after assessing the critical points of the production processes;
  • realisation of control sheets for entry, production, assembly and testing phases, each one focused on the critical aspects of the production process and made available to the operators to foster constant and continual control throughout the production cycle;
  • supervision of all production phases, both internal and external, by specialised personnel;
  • control and measurement of products upon entry;
  • control and measurement of products in self-monitoring mode by production operators;
  • control and measurement of products before sending them to the customer. 

Some of the control devices at our disposal include: 

  • profile projector;
  • high-precision height measurement equipment;
  • profilometer;
  • hardness testers;
  • thickness gauge for zinc coatings;
  • viewers for visual checks.

The company also operates in close cooperation with certified laboratories and performs all types of tests or analyses to satisfy every customer requirement.

All the qualitative and traceability documentation is retained and made available for 10 years as required by the ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System.