At REI TREGI Rubinetterie we manufacture custom-made components for the most diverse sectors.

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Over the years, REI TREGI has been able to adapt to the demands of its customers by expanding its range of production to cover various merchandise sectors.

We are specialised in the production of components using copper alloys (brass, bronze, etc.); over time we have expanded our production capacity to other types of raw materials such as aluminium, zamak, steel and plastic. 


REI TREGI currently manufactures custom-made components for the following macro sectors:

  • Civil and industrial gas: components for the supply of civil and industrial gas;
  • Plumbing and heating: components, valves and taps for domestic and industrial plumbing and heating systems;
  • Fire prevention: components for fire prevention systems and equipment (fire extinguishers, valves, etc.);
  • Household appliances: components for small and large household appliances;
  • Air conditioning: components for both civil and industrial heating and cooling systems;
  • Mechanics: machinery components.