Since 2000 we have been operating in the plumbing and heating sector, with the production and marketing of brass components for plumbing fittings and fixtures for civil and industrial use.

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REI TREGI Srl, located in the borough of Pisogne in the province of Brescia, has been operating since 2000 in the plumbing and heating sector and, more precisely, produces and markets brass components for plumbing fittings and fixtures for civil and industrial use, plumbing and heating products and, in recent years, also gas fittings and valves.

It is well located in a territory of excellence for metallurgical production, and led by the founders Maurilio Gervasoni, Germano Gervasoni and Paola Gervasoni who all boast extensive experience in the sector.

Over the years the company has developed and specialised in the production of articles to customer designs and specifications, to the extent that nowadays this new market segment represents the main component of turnover.

Thanks to extensive investments in state-of-the-art technologies, the expertise of its specialised personnel, the know-how acquired over the years and the collaboration with highly reliable and capable independent suppliers, we are able to provide optimal support to our partners throughout the production process. Operating in complete synergy with the customer we can guarantee a comprehensive service that starts from the engineering phase and follows through to the delivery of the finished product, tested and packaged.

All production phases of brass components for plumbing fittings and fixtures are subject to strict quality controls and internal management procedures that allow the company to guarantee product quality and traceability starting from the raw materials through to the final testing phase. All traceability related documentation remains available in our archives for 10 years.

Our quality management system is certified to UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Our history

The most exciting challenge undertaken by our company is the ability to achieve continual improvement and constant growth.

Founded in 1987 by Maurilio Gervasoni as a company representing and marketing plumbing and heating products, over the years the company has witnessed considerable growth in its presence and importance on the foreign market, expanding its commercial capacity also in the direction of other sectors such as the supply of components for small and large household appliances and machinery.

Since 2000, under the guidance of his children Germano Gervasoni and Paola Gervasoni, the company decided to start its own production of brass components for plumbing fittings and fixtures, alongside its marketing activities.

A winning choice that allowed the company to enjoy a sudden and important growth in the market of brass and copper alloy products.

In 2012, thanks to an important series of investments, the new 800 sqm department was inaugurated, dedicated to machining and equipped with Gnutti transfer machines.

But the story doesn’t end here; thanks to the dynamism of the company, the determination of the shareholders and huge investments (currently ongoing), the development and growth processes continue to rise.

Thanks to all of the above, the company’s goal is to become, step by step, an important sector benchmark.

Our mission

We not only provide a product but a complete service with a view to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

Reliability, quality and know-how represent the corner stones for every collaboration and we strive to represent an optimal solution for those looking for a reliable company with which to engage in a partnership for long-lasting business relationships and to overcome the challenges of the future together.

To do this we have created a dynamic company which is able to adapt to the changing demands of our customers, and allows us to distinguish ourselves in terms of efficiency, quality and flexibility.

Another key aspect in fulfilling our corporate mission is confidentiality.

To this end, none of the customer’s technical documentation is subject to external distribution as it is only managed and stored internally.

In fact every document (design, production specification, etc.) subject to external distribution is converted using REI TREGI cartouches and layouts in order to guarantee the anonymity of the customer.

Our figures

The figures that make REI TREGI so great

Turnover 2017: € 18 MLN

Number of employees47 Company total size3690 mq
mechanical processing department 10   goods reception warehouse 120 mq
assembly and testing department 20   storage warehouse 1680 mq
technical office 4   mechanical processing department 650 mq
commercial office 5   assembly department 480 mq
administrative office 2   technical areas 310 mq
quality control office 2   offices  350 mq
warehouse and logistics department 4   quality-logistics control office 100 mq

Values / Responsibilities


It represents our strong point.
It expresses our philosophy.

The quality of the products and the perfection of the production processes are for REI TREGI a fundamental milestone of its business philosophy and an integral part of the company's mission and strategic policy.

Only a meticulous study of all production processes and equally meticulous quality control throughout all production phases, make it possible to obtain a quality product in full compliance with the required technical characteristics.

Achieving a high level of quality also means being able to count on advanced control instruments, on continual employee training and an attitude focused on consistent improvement that so distinguishes our company.

The environment

We believe it is everyone's duty to work to guarantee respect for the environment with a view to a better future.

Attention to the environment is an integral part of our company policy, and it is with this spirit that we work every day, also with continual investments, to minimise the environmental impact of our production process.

At present we have a 45kW photovoltaic system that covers about 13% of our energy requirement.

On 10/01/2014 the company signed an internal environmental policy representing a declaration of intent, with which Rei Tregi Srl undertakes to pursue continual improvement of its environmental performance in carrying out its business activities and to achieve and maintain complete environmental legislative compliance.

Company policy